Corporate Mentoring

The corporate mentoring program is an integrated system that consists of six complementary components which help empower your employees to steer their individual careers and contribute to a successful organizational result. The program is based on proven leadership strategies, the latest results of scientific research in the areas of neuroscience, psychology, behaviorism as well as mindfulness and techniques inspired by eastern philosophy.

Individual assessment: The individual assessment consists of multiple sequenced workshops that enable your entire team to develop a higher level of self-awareness and reflection. The workshops are addressed to every individual of your team and deal with topics such as belifes, emotional intelligence, mindful communication, integrated goal setting.

Organisational assessment: After we create the baseline in the individual assessment we work on organizational goals, values and visions.

Experiments: During the program you and your team will develop many ideas. We collect these ideas and qualify them in the Experiments phase. We create a safe environment to allow your employees to work on the experiments without feeling the pressure of achieving predefined results.

Leadership Mentoring: Your leadership team or assigned individuals will also receive a special mentoring program to empower your leadership to support the team throughout the entire program.

Train the Trainer: It is my personal aspiration to empower your organization to continue evolving. As an option I therefore offer to train a dedicated group of people throughout the entire program and provide more background material to start developing your own methods.

Community activities: In addition to the program, community activities will be organised to increase the team spirit.

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