Soul Circle

Experience modern spirituality

Brit & Marleen are inviting you to experience spirituality in a modern way.

After a stressful week in the hamster wheel, we will give you some inspiration for a focused and grounded lifestyle.

Find your place in the Soul Circle, connect with like minded people and dive into the world of nature based rituals.

Location & Dates

  • 19.05.2019 @Zeitraum Mainz 17:30 -20:00
  • 02.06.2019 @Zeitraum Mainz 17:30 -20:00
  • 16.06.2019 @Zeitraum Mainz 17:30 -20:00
  • Class fee 25,00 EUR / Workshop

Contact us

  • You have questions or would like to sign-up to the workshop?
  • Email us at
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