Why meditation has become a nonnegotiable part of my morning routine…

Meditation has become very trendy these days. The positive effects of the far eastern tradition have been demonstrated with the help of modern science and findings of several scientific studies.

Before I established my own meditation practice, I had this picture in my head of a monk in an orange robe, sitting in an uncomfortable position for hours. Just the thought of not thinking seemed painful and caused me to feel discomfort rather than calm and clarity.

In this article I would like to share my main motives for a daily meditation and I would also like to demystify some of the thoughts that we have around meditation, because its really not that difficult at all.

Interesting insights to thoughts and emotions

The daily meditation and the daily conscious observation of thoughts and emotions helped me to receive and decrypt the messages from my subconsciousness. The constant repetition of thoughts an emotions is a first indicator that something literally got stuck in your subconsciousness and may require some of your attention to bring back the state of flow. In a natural condition thoughts and emotions are behaving like clouds in the sky. They show up, pass by and disappear, thats just their nature. So if you realize that there is one particular cloud all the time, it got stuck and needs to be resolved. In this case it’s wise to bring compassion and empathy into your meditation and to ask yourself what it is that needs your action to resolve the stuck energy.

Access to the subconscious mind

When you are having a regular practice of meditation you can influence your brainwaves. As you dive deeper into your meditation you are bringing the brain slowly into a trance like state which causes the frequency in your brain to shift from consciousness into so called Theta or Delta states which are comparable to deep restorative sleep. In this state your analytical mind goes out of the way and you become more open and suggestible to information. This knowledge has been understood by marketing companies which is why they are penetrating us with imprinting commercials in the evening. In the evening when it’s getting dark outside, our melatonin (hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness) levels go up and we become more suggestible. You can use this knowledge for yourself too. Before you dive into your meditation you can set a conscious intention. As soon as you have lowered your brainwaves you can repeat your intention together with a positive emotion inside of your self. This process allows you to influence your subconsciously stored patterns according to your own needs.

Feeling of unity and connectedness

In our materialistic World we experience the reality through our 5 senses. To have any experiences as a human being we need our 5 senses to navigate through our life. We therefore often forget that there is a part of reality that we can’t experience through our senses. For example gamma rays: we can’t see, feel, hear, smell our taste gamma rays but still we know today that they do exist, which makes them a part of reality.

If we limit our experiences to the sensations of our senses we can easily think that we are disconnected and separate. We can see, feel, hear, smell and taste a difference between ourselves and other beings as well as other objects. We also identify „our thoughts“ and „my emotions“ and therefore come to the conclusion that we are individual separate from the rest of nature. 

In meditation we slowly disconnect from our senses and slip into a sweet state of trance. After a while in this state the boundaries of identification, senses and physical body are slowly melting away and a feeling of endless unity comes up.

The daily bath in unity is charging my batteries and helps me to remind myself that I am good the way I am. It helps me to remember that I don’t need a new nail polish or anything outside of me to feel loved and whole.

Kriya Meditation

I am meditating for a few years already and I have attended several workshops and seminars but it was just this year that I got introduced to the beautiful art of so called Kriya meditation. In many different disciplines of meditation, the main focus is to stay present and to simply observe what’s arising, may it be thoughts or emotions or pictures. I always had a hard time staying conscious and just observing which is why I fell in love with Kriya Meditation.

The ancient yogis understood that it’s the minds nature to jump from object to object like a little monkey jumping from tree to tree. Instead of chaining the monkey to the tree they are giving it something extremely interesting to play with and to focus on. The meditation object is so fascinating and cool, that the monkey mind does not even want to jump to the next tree. While the monkey is being tamed by playing with a magical meditation object it starts to become more like the object itself, which is why its important to chose the meditation object wisely.

I’m doing the mediation in the morning and use it to set a clear intention for the day. After getting up from my mat I have made time to be with myself and I can start the day from an elevated emotional state. From there I am starting to plan my day and think of the little steps that I can take today to achieve my longterm goals.

Life is telling you the truth about whether your meditation practice is working or not. It doesn’t really matter what’s happening while your sitting on your meditation pillow, what really matters is what’s happening the moment you step into your life. Have a look at your choices, your goals, your relationships and the level of enjoyment and happiness in your daily life – these are the real indicators.

I hope this article has given you some valuable insights. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch!